Shipment Reports

可以赌足球的app Shipment report – Comprehensive shipment data

To increase the visibility of your cold chain and get the opportunity to identify any weak points and for you to work proactively to minimize temperature deviations, we offer a service that records the crucial shipment data, the Shipment report. The 可以赌足球的app Shipment report is available on the 可以赌足球的app RKN e1 and RAP e2 containers – active, self-regulating containers with compressor cooling and electrical heating.

How does it work?

The system monitors ambient temperature and the air temperature inside the container. The system also logs the battery level and the opening and closing of the doors. Shipment data is logged during transportation and, upon arrival, transferred via an easy-to-use hand-held reader to our cloud solution. Using the data, a comprehensive report will be created. The report is then uploaded to the 可以赌足球的app Portal immediately upon container return to any 可以赌足球的app service station in the world. This means that you can save time and avoid the release of damaged products with this quick and more detailed, post-shipment follow-up.

The first fully automated shipment report service - free of charge

We believe that this is the first fully automated shipment report service and we are certain that the speed of delivery will be appreciated by pharmaceutical companies across the world. All your 可以赌足球的app Shipment reports are automatically uploaded and made available in the 可以赌足球的app customer portal immediately upon container return.

What happened during the shipment?

To find out more about Shipment Monitoring Services, contact Customer Services or one of our Sales representatives.

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